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I Hope You Like Florence, Colorado

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Kevin Small has had a decidedly interesting career. He has had 30 arrests for all sorts of crimes (including violent crimes). While enjoying Pennsylvania’s state prisons, he decided to commit tax fraud from the IRS. He was “caught” after obtaining over $1 million in phony refunds; it’s unclear if the money was recovered. He received 11 additional years at ClubFed (though it’s unclear if that was to be served consecutively or concurrently with his Pennsylvania sentence).

In January, it appeared that he was free. A judge of the US District Court–apparently the same one who sentenced him to 11 years–ordered him free. He was released.

The document was forged. Oops.

Eventually, the US Marshals Service got wind of his release (on March 1st). Four days later, Mr. Small found himself back behind bars after being arrested in Philadelphia. He now faces a litany of state and federal charges. And when (if) he gets out of the maximum security prison in Pennsylvania, he has Florence, Colorado to look forward to.

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