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Witholding But Not Remitting Leads to ClubFed

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

If there’s been a recurrent theme in this blog, one has been if you don’t pay your Trust Fund taxes you will get in trouble. Such trouble hit Michelle Bielaski of Bellevue, Washington.

Ms. Bielaski’s company, Falcon Construction, Inc., paid $3.9 million in salaries between 1997 and 2007, and should have paid $2.4 million to the government for Trust Fund Taxes (Medicare, Social Security, and Federal Income Tax) but didn’t. If you live what the US Attorney calls an expensive lifestyle and get caught—and almost everyone who evades payment of Trust Fund taxes gets caught—you almost certainly will get to visit ClubFed.

Such is the case for Ms. Bielaski. She pleaded guilty last June, and found out last week that she’ll spend 15 months at ClubFed. She must also make restitution of the $2.4 million. As usual, it’s a whole lot easier to pay now then to pay later.