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What $4.95 Buys These Days

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Living in Las Vegas gives me, at times, a very jaded perspective on life. I see individuals who otherwise pinch pennies spend $100 on bottle service at a club (or $4.95 for a thimble-sized amount of alcohol). You can still find $4.95 meal specials in the late night/early morning hours at many casinos in town. The latter, if you’re hungry, is a far better use of $4.95 than the former.

Another use of $4.95 is to purchase Robert Flach’s My Best Tax Advice. The 27 pages of tax advice within the ebook (a pdf document) are full of good, common-sense advice. While I don’t agree with everything Robert has written, any individual who follows Robert’s advice will be far, far better off than those who don’t. I especially like his comments about notices from the IRS; as Robert states, “Do not ignore an IRS or state tax notice. The problem will not just go away.” I used basically the same line in my book.

In any case, for less than five dollars you can get some common-sense advice that if followed would help most taxpayers. You can order the book through Robert’s website.