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Another Film Tax Credit Scandal

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

There have been plenty of scandals regarding tax credits for the film industry in recent years (see, for example, Iowa). A new one has just arisen, this time in California.

The Los Angeles Times reported back on Halloween that State Senator Ron Calderon (D-Montebello) has been accused of bribery in relation to California’s film credits:

The [state] Capitol was roiling over comments attributed to Calderon in a report by the Al Jazeera cable network, based on what it identified as a sealed FBI affidavit, that he had enlisted other lawmakers to help him influence policy. In exchange, the affidavit alleges, the senator accepted $88,000.

State Senator Calderon has not been charged. Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating the leak of the affidavit to Al Jazeera.

What Can Go Wrong? Nevada Democrats Want to Give Tax Breaks to Movie Industry

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

The Nevada Democratic Party proposed a tax increase on entertainment venues. (It’s doomed, as both Republican Governor Brian Sandoval and Republicans in the state legislature are opposed to it.) To balance it out, Democrats in Carson City are now proposing tax breaks for films in the Silver State. Jon Ralston was told by a state Democratic official, “This is a jobs issue. Democrats want to create jobs here and Republicans want to ship jobs overseas.”

I suggest Democrats in Carson City look at the gory details of film credits in Iowa. Or Michigan. Or the United Kingdom. Again, though, this is a plan that won’t be going anywhere (thankfully) as the votes aren’t there.