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Taxachussets No Longer?

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

The Tax Foundation reported that Massachusetts voters will get the chance to vote themselves out of having an income tax this November. Question 1 on the Massachusetts Ballot will be condemned by almost every politician, newspaper, and liberal group in the Bay State.

Indeed, Governor Patrick called the proposal “irresponsible.” But the mere fact that it’s on the ballot—and Massachusetts is not an easy state to get an initiative on the ballot—shows that lots of voters are unhappy with taxes in Taxachusetts.

It will be an interesting November in Massachusetts.

No More Taxachusetts?

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

I have a few clients in Massachusetts. We joke that it’s really “Taxachusetts.” Massachusetts’ state income tax is 5.3%, and is really more of a gross receipts income tax; few deductions are allowed. But that may change.

Citizens in Massachusetts have collected over 66,000 signatures on petitions—the first step in a drive to eliminate the state’s income tax. While there are more steps involved in the process (including collecting a second set of 11,000 signatures early next year), it’s likely that residents of the Commonwealth will have a chance to vote themselves out of the state’s income tax.

It may be a very interesting election cycle in Massachusetts. Although, as the link notes, expect lots of politicians to say, “The sky is falling.”