Lawsuit Filed Over BOE’s Fixer-Upper

I’ve reported on California’s Board of Equalization headquarters building in Sacramento on two occasions. It seems some employees of the BOE aren’t happy at all, and have filed a lawsuit against the BOE alleging that the agency has known for years that the building is a health hazard.

While the BOE has publicly stated that the building is safe, there have been a few “minor” problems. Like glass windows randomly falling to the ground. Given the building is 24 stories tall, you may want to walk on the other side of the street if you’re ever near it. There’s also a few pipes that have corroded; back in 2012 that was only in the waste lines. The elevator doors have this tendency to stay closed when you want to exit the elevators. There was also that infestation of bats.

But the big issue for the lawsuit is toxic mold. Those windows that randomly pop out have done so supposedly because of bad seals. That leads also to water entering the building. Sacramento’s summers are very warm, so that water leads to mold. The lawsuit alleges that the BOE knew back in 1995 (two years after the building opened) that mold was an issue leading to all sorts of illnesses.

It will likely be years before the lawsuit makes its way to trial.


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