An Update on the BOE’s Fixer-Upper

When I last wrote about the home of California’s Board of Equalization–one of two tax collecting agencies in California–I called it a fixer-upper. That might have been kind.

It does have a good location (right in downtown Sacramento). It is 24-stories tall. Of course, there are a few problems. Like the windows that pop out randomly and take the wings of gravity down to the ground. There’s the mold that’s been found in many areas of the building…toxic mold. If you ever have to go above the ground floor you might want to use the stairs: The elevator doors periodically don’t open.

The most recent issues relate to water pipe issues. It seems that the waste lines tend to leak. Now it’s been determined that the entire drain system wasn’t built to code. Oops….

The California state auditor is now going to conduct a five-month long study about what to do with the BOE headquarters. Hopefully the auditor will be able to find some solutions before any more problems pop up.


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