Mundane Tax Fraud Downs Friend of Cicero Town President

George Hunter will likely be going to ClubFed. He pleaded guilty today to two counts of tax evasion. Mr. Hunter’s company received $1.8 million in two years from Cicero…without a contract. Mr. Hunter is friends with Larry Dominick, the Ton President of Cicero. Cicero is a suburb of Chicago. The Chicago Sun-Times article notes that Mr. Hunter has refused to cooperate with federal prosecutors.

As for the tax evasion, it’s pretty mundane. Mr. Hunter paid his employees in cash and told his employees not to report their income to the IRS. He didn’t, and not paying payroll taxes is a major issue with the IRS. He also failed to file a 2008 tax return when he allegedly made $655,000. Mr. Hunter originally said the charges were brought because he refused to cooperate with authorities. No matter, the charges apparently were true. He’ll be sentenced in March.

Corruption in Chicago? Who would’ve thunk it!

2 Responses to “Mundane Tax Fraud Downs Friend of Cicero Town President”

  1. Jeff says:

    Most tax fraud I have seen is equivalent to throwing a brick through a window. It is usually people who think they are Omnipotent. Or they also tend to be dumper than they think they are.