IRS Didn’t Tell a Court About the Missing Lerner Emails

Eventually, we will know exactly what happened with the IRS scandal. For now, little pieces continue to drip out. One of the most recent concerns the missing Lois Lerner emails.

I had forgotten that Judicial Watch had filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the IRS demanding all communications regarding the IRS’s review of 501(c)(4) applications, and related matters. The IRS has been slowly releasing some emails and documents to Judicial Watch.

But the IRS forgot to mention that Lois Lerner’s emails have gone to the ether in any of the status conferences held on the case since they allegedly vanished. The IRS knew in February of the loss, but didn’t bother to mention it in any of the status conferences (including the February conference). While doing that once could be an oversight, it’s apparently been three times. Judge Emmett Sullivan of the US District Court for the District of Columbia will get to hear the IRS’s excuse reasoning on July 10th. Pass the popcorn….


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