Pop Goes the Tax Fraud

Here’s a potpourri of tax fraud to end your holiday weekend. First, we head to Albany, New York, where former rapper “Prime Minister Pete Nice” (aka Peter Nash) didn’t like paying state income taxes. There’s a problem with that: You don’t get a choice as to whether or not you do so. The Albany County District Attorney prosecuted Mr. Nash for not filing his 2009-2011 New York tax returns; he pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of failing to file a tax return. He’ll be sentenced next month. It’s also likely that the IRS will call on him; he hasn’t filed his federal returns.

Francisco R. Legaspi was found guilty of tax fraud back in 1993. He was never sentenced for his crime; he fled to Canada. Mr. Legaspi decided to post on Facebook. Yes, the authorities read Facebook. The Bureau of Diplomatic Security found Mr. Legaspi. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested him; he has been extradited back to the United States. He’s been arrested for failing to appear for his sentencing. And, yes, he still will be sentenced for the original tax fraud conviction.

Finally, Charles Loewen will be spending 37 months at ClubFed. The former NFL player (he played for the San Diego Chargers from 1980-1984) was sentenced last week for filing a false income tax refund claim. Mr. Loewen created his own documentation (which was phony) in attempting to obtain a $2.4 million refund. He also filed tax returns stating he had no income when his business did have income.

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