Another Survey, Another “F” for California

While Governor Brown and others in the Bronze Golden State continue to debate how to increase taxes, perhaps they’ll look at yet another survey which shows that California is at the bottom for business (among US states). With thanks to the TaxProfBlog for noting this,, in partnership with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation released a survey of small business owners of which states were the best for business.

Receiving “A+” grades were Idaho, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah; receiving “F” grades were California, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The three worst performing cities were all in California: Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Diego. The top three cities were Oklahoma City, Dallas/Fort Worth, and San Antonio. Nevada received a “B+” while Maryland received a “C-“. Las Vegas ranked 10th of the 40 cities surveyed.

The interactive map is available here while the full survey can be found here. A press release on the results is also available.

2 Responses to “Another Survey, Another “F” for California”

  1. Jack Frost says:

    It’s called a 50 state survey … but you only list 49 states.
    Maybe some folks haven’t remembered that Alaska is a state. OR,
    maybe Alaska doesn’t fit the profile … with no state income tax nor sales tax … generally low business taxes, low license fees … and not much else. Alaska doesn’t fit the pattern … is that why it was left out of the survey?

    • Russ says:

      It’s not my survey! You would have to ask the individuals conducting the survey. Most likely, they did not get enough responses from Alaska residents to be statistically significant.