If you want to follow the Roni Deutch case, I strongly urge you to read the coverage in the Sacramento Bee. For example, on Sunday they spoke with several unhappy clients of Ms. Deutch. For the most part it appears that these individuals received initial consultations and then…nothing.

As for the firms that still advertise and promise you that they’ll stop the IRS, and you will qualify to pay “pennies on the dollar,” remember that:

  • Only about 15% of Offers in Compromise successfully make it through the IRS;
  • It typically takes over one year for an OIC to make it through the IRS;
  • Most individuals will not qualify for an OIC; and
  • If you look at the fine print of the commercials, you will see, “Case not typical.  Your results may vary.”

Peter Pappas notes,

I am willing, however, to give Ms. Deutch the benefit of the doubt. I don’t believe that she set out to defraud her customers. I think what happened is that she let the marketing arm of the business outpace the operations arm. She simply accepted more clients than her firm could competently handle and committed the fatal mistake of continuing to accept more money and more engagements without properly ensuring that the work for which she had already been engaged was being done on a timely and competent basis.

This analysis sounds quite reasonable. Still, I feel for the individuals who contracted with Ms. Deutch’s firm expecting a service, but apparently getting nothing.