Is It January 9th Yet?

Last year, the IRS announced a new system for efiling 1099s (and other information returns) called IRIS.  This system would be available for both professionals and individuals (and businesses) to efile 1099s.  The system was supposed to be available on January 9th.  On January 9th the webpage noted, “…[Y]ou can log in to IRIS starting mid-January 2023.”  Well, today is January 20th and the system still isn’t available.

(I do need to note you must have an IRS IRIS Transmitter Control Code (TCC) to use IRIS.  You can apply for one via a link on the IRIS webpage.)

The deadline for mailing most information returns remains January 31st–and that’s 21 days away.  We are back using the IRS FIRE system (this system is not available to the general public) for one more year as it appears we have no options.  There are many services you can find that will file 1099s, but we have batches of 1099s for our clients that need filing.

Perhaps the original announcement of the IRIS system was correct: the IRS simply didn’t note which year the system would be up on.  After all, there’s a January 9th in 2024, too.

UPDATE: The IRS’s IRIS system went live earlier this week.


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