IRS E-Filing for Individuals Closes on November 18th

The IRS announced today that e-filing for 2016 tax returns will close on Saturday, November 18th. After that date individuals who need to file 2016 tax returns will need to paper-file those returns until e-filing reopens (most likely in late January 2018). Individuals impacted by the hurricanes and wildfires currently on ‘disaster extension’ are those most likely to be impacted by this.


One Response to “IRS E-Filing for Individuals Closes on November 18th”

  1. Douglas Robertson says:

    IRS is being really kind towards the citizens of Houston. This update is a big relief for us. I am a parent of two and I am in a messy situation. I have been taking help of for abating my tax penalties. I hope they will make something out of this update. Thanks a lot.