Well, That’s One Way to Avoid ClubFed

Peter Mizioch pleaded guilty on September 4th to one count of preparing a false tax return. Mr. Mizioch was allowed by the sentencing judge to go on a Caribbean cruise. Mr. Mizioch is now answering to a higher authority — he suffered an apparent stroke on September 12th and then died of an apparent heart attack on the 13th.

The AP story notes,

Phoenix police then scrambled to get evidence of his death before his body was cremated because they were still looking at him as a lead in his wife’s unsolved slaying. Mizioch had denied any involvement, and he was not charged with her killing.

As for the tax charges, Mr. Mizioch pleaded to using fictitious consulting fees to lower his income for his construction business. Mr. Mizioch had agreed to make restitution of $566,390 to the IRS.

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