Form 1042 Filing Deadline is Monday, March 16th

Most people are aware of Form 1099; that’s the form you send individuals in the US to report various kinds of income. There’s a similar form used when you’re sending paperwork to non-Americans: It’s Form 1042-S. These forms must be mailed to the recipient and filed with the IRS by Monday, March 16th. If you file electronically with the FIRE system, no Form 1042-T (the cover page used with the 1042-S’s) is needed. Form 1042 is the annual report of withholding.

The deadline for filing these forms is Monday. Like the deadline for corporate tax returns, this is a postmark deadline. So if you need to mail these forms to the IRS, go to the Post Office and mail them certified mail, return receipt requested. It’s the only proof that’s accepted (other than efiling the forms).


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