California Leads the Way (as Worst State for Business)

If anyone wonders why I left the Bronze Golden State, yet another survey has come out regarding places to do business. Chief Executive Magazine rated all 50 states from top to bottom. Before focusing on the dismal state of California’s business climate, let’s highlight the top ten states:

1. Texas
2. Florida
3. North Carolina
4. Tennessee
5. Indiana
6. Arizona
7. Virginia
8. South Carolina
9. Nevada
10. Georgia

At the bottom was California:

41. Maryland
42. Pennsylvania
43. Hawaii
44. Michigan
45. Connecticut
46. New Jersey
47. Massachusetts
48. Illinois
49. New York
50. California

Looking at why California ranks where it does, one can see the problems are taxation and regulations. The comments note that the regulations and taxation is unreasonably and “…getting worse, if that is even possible.” Compare these to the comments regarding Texas: “Texas is the clear leader because of taxes and pro-business attitudes.”

Do I expect anything to change in California? No — I think the state will have to hit bottom (be broke) in order for real change to happen.

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