1099, W-2 Mailing Deadline Is Tomorrow

Thursday, January 31st, is the deadline for employers and others to put most 1099s and all W-2s into the mail or otherwise deliver them to recipients. This is a postmark deadline. This means that it might still be a week or more before you actually receive the 1099.

There are some exceptions to this rule. Form 1099-B’s have a deadline of Friday, February 15th. That same February 15th deadline holds for 1099-MISCs with amounts in Box 8 (substitute payments in lieu of dividends or interest) or Box 14 (gross proceeds paid to an attorney).

You have until Thursday, February 28th to mail Form 1099s (and the accompanying Form 1096) to the IRS and Forms W-2 (and the accompanying Form W-3) to the Social Security Administration. If you electronically file the forms, you get an extra month (the deadline will be Monday, April 1st because March 31st falls on a Sunday).

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