Cash and Carry Doesn’t Work for Strip Club Owner

A running theme of this blog is that it doesn’t matter how you are paid; income from cash is just as taxable as checks or credit cards. But it’s so tempting when you receive cash; who will notice if a few dollars go missing from your tax return?

That was apparently the idea of Kirk Roberts of Salina, Kansas. He owned the Wild Wild West Gentlemen’s Club in Salina. From 2006 through 2008 he carried his cash home and deposited it into his personal bank account rather than his business account. Strip, er, gentlemen’s clubs do take in a lot of cash, and the Department of Justice noted that Mr. Roberts understated his income by $537,942. That’s plenty of cash; I assume that either currency transaction reports or suspicious activity reports led to an investigation.

Mr. Roberts pleaded guilty last week to three counts of filing false tax returns; he’ll be sentenced on April 22nd. Given the tax loss of over $153,000, he may also be looking at a stint at ClubFed. Unlike the Wild Wild West, I don’t think there are any house dancers at ClubFed.


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