California Dreamin’

Democratic Governor Jerry Brown of California is dreaming of a tax increase. Voters in California apparently aren’t sharing the same dreams; perhaps they see the current economic climate and wonder, ‘If we have to make do with our current earnings, why shouldn’t you [the government]?’

A new poll shows Proposition 30, Governor Brown’s tax increase measure, ahead 48% to 44%. As this San Jose Mercury-News article points out, tax measures usually need more than 50% support to pass as voters are skeptical regarding taxes.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times runs an article noting, “Taxes won’t make the rich leave California,” citing a liberal think-tank study. To the Times’ credit, they do note that another study came to the opposite conclusion. I’ll add that tax data supports the conclusion that people are leaving California. And it’s certain the reason they’re leaving has nothing to do with the beautiful climate (weather), so perhaps the high taxes and regulations do have an impact.

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