CPA Allegedly Practices Theft of Funds

A few years ago, there was a tax blog called The proprietor, William Murray, was a CPA in Sacramento. He had a “trust accounting” system. Payments were sent to him, and he supposedly forwarded those payments on. It was a lie. Millions were embezzled; Mr. Murray received 19 1/2 years at ClubFed. Unfortunately, Mr. Murray was apparently not the only person to practice such a system.

From Myrtle Beach, South Carolina comes word that Richard Voltz, a CPA, is alleged to have had clients forward payments to him. Those payments, supposedly over $480,000, didn’t make it to the tax agencies. Mr. Voltz is also alleged to have not reported the alleged defalcations on his own tax returns (illegal income is just as taxable as legal income) so he’s also been charged with tax evasion. He’s facing prison, fines, and restitution if found guilty on all the charges.

I haven’t met an accountant who want you to make checks for your taxes payable to the accountant. If that’s what your accountant wants, be afraid.

Finally, I’d like to point out that Mr. Voltz, like Mr. Murray before him, is a CPA. He presumably has taken his ethics requirements. That hasn’t stopped him from being accused of what would anyone would call a serious violation. I’m sure licensing every accountant will stop every accountant from committing a crime. (Sigh….)

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