Hatch Finds a Job! (But Buyer Beware: Firm Linked to Roni Deutch & Another Accused Attorney)

Congratulations to Richard Hatch, winner of the first Survivor and my favorite tax-challenged celebrity. Courtesy of Kelly Erb we find out that Mr. Hatch now has a job.

Yes, it appears to be another penny on the dollars firm. If some of you actually could read the disclaimer on the advertisement, I congratulate you! My eyesight just isn’t that good.

But this firm is different: They are just a referral service, and by doing a search on them I discovered that they have been advertising for people to buy their leads. I also found that they own http://www.taxcab.com with beautiful spokeswoman Tonya.

Unfortunately, MMAC Group may have some issues. When I looked up who owned the domain “taxcab.com” using whosis, I found the reference was to one Gregory Flahive. That name sounded familiar, and when I looked it up in Google I discovered that Mr. Flahive is one of three Sacramento area attorneys accused of taking thousands of dollars upfront from homeowners trying for loan modifications; that would be illegal if proven under California law. He faces 19 felony charges.

Yet another name associated with MMAC is Brandon Funk (see the link to the referral service). Mr. Funk’s name, too, rang a bell; he’s the former Client Intake Director for Roni Deutch’s firm. For those who aren’t aware, Ms. Deutch was accused of taking large up-front payments with promises of reducing individuals’ tax debts but provided little or no help in actually reducing their taxes.

Is this business legal? Probably; they’re not promising anything. Would I use Richard Hatch to help me recommend a good tax professional? Please….


One Response to “Hatch Finds a Job! (But Buyer Beware: Firm Linked to Roni Deutch & Another Accused Attorney)”

  1. Dave says:

    Anyone of Roni Deutchs former comrades are probably people you want to stay far away from, especially the Juceam Group, run by her brothers