For Sale: 24,000-26,000 Square Foot Home with an Interesting History

The house has 24,414 square feet. At least that much, as it was also measured at 26,828. It has lots of bedrooms: 16, 17, or 18 (depending on who does the counting). And it will soon be for sale, as the home’s original owner is enjoying a very lengthy stay at his new digs, ClubFed.

The home was built for Thomas Parenteau. If that name sounds familiar you may have read about his trial. It could have come out of the pages of a cheap novel:

So far we’ve found out that the mistress, Pamela McCarty, is the mother of Mr. Parenteau’s two daughters; that all three lived in the same mansion; phony jobs and phony paychecks; allegations of $18 million in fraudulent loans…and the trial should last a couple more weeks.

That’s what I wrote in 2010 when the trial was happening. Today that house can be yours. It has plenty of land, and for the Hollywood type who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle, its sits in Norwich Township in the northwest part of Columbus, Ohio. The home appears to be in excellent shape, and it can be yours for somewhere between $4 and $5.5 million.

As for Mr. Parenteau, he won’t be returning to the mansion. The Department of Justice sold the home to a bank; the bank plans on selling the home soon.


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