BOE Updates Top 500 Sales & Use Tax Delinquents in California

A few years ago, the California Legislature passed a bill requiring the Board of Equalization (California’s sales tax agency) to publish a list of the top 500 deadbeats each quarter. That list has just been updated. On top of the list is California Target Enterprises Inc. with a debt of $18.4 million; at the bottom of the list is Mega Micro, Inc. with a debt of $404,390.

In scanning the list the one thing that struck me was the number of automobile dealerships on the list. I can’t believe it’s that hard to figure out and remit the sales tax on a new or used car. However, my mother told me about how “honest” used car salesmen are….That said, there are new car dealers on the list, too; a relatively new listing is Auto First Financial Corp. dba Silicon Valley Hummer with a debt of $2.85 million.

To date, the list has caused the BOE to receive $5.3 million in payments, so this is one of the few accomplishments of the California legislature.


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