Remember Gilbert Hyatt? (An Update)

One of the blogs I read, How Appealing, posted a link to this story on California’s attempt to ban video games featuring “murder and mayhem” from being sold to children cost the Bronze Golden State $2 million.

That’s nothing.

There’s a case that’s still waiting to be heard at the Nevada Supreme Court that’s cost California taxpayers many millions, and has the potential to cost the state over half a billion (yes, $500,000,000). The Franchise Tax Board’s appeal of Gilbert Hyatt’s lawsuit is waiting a date to be set for oral argument. It’s been stuck in this status for over a year (the last change noted in the online tracking system for the case was on February 4, 2011). I don’t know what the average wait time is, but most likely later this year this case will be heard.

If the appeal is heard here in Las Vegas (the Nevada Supreme Court holds sessions in Carson City and Las Vegas), I plan on attending…some day (hopefully in 2012).


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