Psychic Help Wasn’t Good for Clients, but Was Great for the Psychic…Until Caught

I’ve been told that a psychic is supposed to know and foretell the future. Nancy Marks was a psychic in Lafayette, Colorado. She had a unique–and quite illegal–method of obtaining income.

She warned her clients that there was evil lurking in the money in their bank accounts. The only way to get rid of the “bad energy” was to withdraw the money and for her to hold onto the funds. There were too many instances of the number “6” in their accounts and credit cards. Why, there at least one in ten numbers on their statements was “6”. [I made that last line up, but it goes to show the ridiculousness of this whole line of thought.]

In any case, Ms. Marks did know what to do with the money that was withdrawn and given to her: She spent it. There’s another word for spending others’ money without permission: theft. Added to that is not paying tax on that money (tax evasion). Ms. Marks was convicted last week of 14 counts of theft and two counts of tax evasion.

Of course, I do have to ask the obvious question: If Ms. Marks was truly a psychic, didn’t she know that she’d get caught in the end?

One Response to “Psychic Help Wasn’t Good for Clients, but Was Great for the Psychic…Until Caught”

  1. Isn’t life great; you would be hard pressed to make this stuff up. She may be putting Bernard Madoff to shame; well not really. Great little piece about greed, stupidity and hubris; what a combination.