FTB’s Top 250 Delinquencies Not a Minor Affair

Right at the end of the tax season, the Franchise Tax Board released its list of the top 250 delinquencies. There is still a celebrity or two on the list, but the new list is a bit more mundane than in the past.

It took $305,057.11 to make the list (that’s what Affordable Termite Control, Inc. of nearby Orange owes the FTB). Tops on the list are Halsey and Shannon Minor of Los Angeles; they owe $14.2 million to the FTB. Mr. Minor is the founder of CNET, and he acknowledged last year the tax debt. His ability to pay the debt may be questionable, though; Mr. Minor also owes Charlottesville, Virginia $84,000.

Still remaining on the list is Pamela Anderson. Yes, that Pamela Anderson; she owes the FTB nearly $607,861.

This time around Ms. Anderson appears to be the lone celebrity on the mix. And that’s likely a good thing for Hollywood’s elite, as this isn’t the list you want to be on.

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