Helping Boss, Wife, and His Mistress Leads to ClubFed, Not a Cheap Novel

Dennis Sartain used to be the typical accountant. He worked for Thomas Parenteau, a Columbus, Ohio homebuilder. Of course, Mr. Parenteau was found guilty of 11 counts of tax evasion and related charges, and that’s not typical. And as I reported earlier, Mr. Parenteau’s case comes straight from the pages of a cheap novel yet it’s absolutely true.

Well, Mr. Sartain was sentenced this week and he’ll have plenty of time to think about his dysfunctional employer and how he helped him commit tax evasion; he received 11 years at ClubFed. Mr. Sartain had turned down a two-year sentence; that’s an oops moment that Joe Kristan notes (along with more of the sordid details from this case).

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