Another Reason Not to be a Philadelphia Business

I don’t think highly of California’s business climate. Still, things could be worse: I could be in Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love has sunk to a new low.

After going after penny-ante bloggers the city’s Revenue Department has been tasked with administering a new Tobacco Tax. All businesses with a business tax account were sent a form that must be completed by September 30th, or they’ll have a new Tobacco Tax Form filing requirement…and there’s a $5,000 penalty for not filing the form.

I have a couple of clients in Philadelphia (neither sell anything). I’ll be letting them know that they must complete this useless form and return it. It is, as noted by Kelly at, a waste of time and money.

Another reason that, on the whole, I’d rather not be in Philadelphia.


One Response to “Another Reason Not to be a Philadelphia Business”

  1. Hey what about the business privilege tax and the net profits tax in Philadelphia. These taxes tax gross receipts and profits!