Colorado Loves California Day

A news story out of Denver notes:

Colorado lawmakers were incredulous after Gov. Bill Ritter declared that today is “Colorado Loves California Day.”

Republican Rep. Jim Kerr of Littleton said, “Are you kidding me,” after he found out it wasn’t a joke.

Rep. Kerr apparently doesn’t understand that California businesses pay high taxes, face high regulations, and must operate in an unfriendly business environment. The Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation ran an advertisement in the Los Angeles Times touting Denver.

However, I’m annoyed with Metro Denver. They sent chocolate valentines to Fortune 500 companies and ‘clean tech businesses’ in California but I didn’t get any. I’m a chocoholic, and I feel spurned!

In any case, as the budget situation likely deteriorates this summer in Sacramento, expect more businesses to flee California. Some will definitely land in Denver.


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