An Early Nominee for Tax Offender of the Year

It’s only January, and we already have a truly Bozo story to report. We start with a gentleman named “P.M.” who prepared a fraudulent tax return. P.M. apparently prepared the return for the girlfriend of one Orlando Nunn. Mr. Nunn and his girlfriend were apparently going to split the proceeds. Via Joe Kristan and Citypages comes the following:

But apparently Nunn’s girlfriend thought she didn’t get her fair share. She told 21-year-old Nunn about it, and Nunn went for revenge: He and two other men paid a visit to P.M. at his girlfriend’s home and tried to rob him. Nunn allegedly waved a .45-caliber pistol around and told everybody to “get on the floor as this was a robbery and to get on the floor and get out their money as they know what time it is,” according to the complaint. P.M. grabbed the pistol from Nunn, and shot him dead.

The shooting will likely be classified as self-defense, so P.M. won’t get in trouble over that. Unfortunately for him, sooner or later the IRS will come knocking. As for the boyfriend, he’s no longer able to complain about the size of the refund.

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