What’s More Important: Paying Your Taxes or Buying the Lamborghini?

John Gullett, a contractor in Parkland, Florida, came up with a good idea. He contracted with the Broward County and Dade County Police Benevolent Associations to solicit local businesses for advertisements in a book listing local businesses. He had to pay each of the associations about $4,000 per month. Still, business was good; he apparently made over $3 million between 2002 and 2005.

He put the money he made to good use: a couple Ferraris, a Lamborghini, and a home in Parkland. One thing he forgot to do was to pay the Internal Revenue Service. His tax returns for 2002 through 2005 omitted $3 million of income. It became a problem when the IRS figured this out; he was arrested last year and faced four counts of filing a false tax return. He was found guilty on all counts last Friday.

If he had paid the IRS, he might have only been able to afford the Lamborghini and not the Ferraris. Still, had he done so he’d still have the Lamborghini and be a free man.

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