Are the Democrats in Sacramento that Blind?

There was an election in Massachusetts on Tuesday. As I’m sure you’re aware, Republican Scott Brown is the new Republican Senator from Massachusetts. Apparently, Democrats in Sacramento are blind to the obvious.

The voters in Massachusetts, a state more liberal than California, had enough of tax and spend, and the Democrats’ health care plan. They wanted fiscal responsibility. So what happened in Sacramento today?

SB810, a $220 billion healthcare plan, passed on a party-line vote today in Sacramento. The bill would create a one-payer system, is far more intrusive than any of the proposals in Washington, and is one that would officially bankrupt California. The good news is that it is extraordinarily unlikely that Governor Schwarzenegger would sign the measure.

Still, why this measure even saw the light of day says a lot about the dysfunction in Sacramento and why I expect more smoke and mirrors to be the “solution” to the budget crisis in the state capital.


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