At Least She’s Honest…

California has economic troubles, but it’s not alone. Another state facing serious economic issues is Michigan. Not only is there the recession, but they also have the problems with the automobile industry. So what should politicians propose to help Michiganders facing economic troubles? Cutting regulations, lowering taxes, and improving the business climate all quickly come to my mind. However, I’m not running for governor of Michigan.

On the other hand, Alma Wheeler Smith (D-Salem Township) plans on running for governor next year. Her platform appears to differ just a bit from my ideas. She proposes:

  • $3 Billion of tax increases on businesses by “closing loopholes”;
  • $1.5 Billion from expanding the sales tax to include services;
  • $2 Billion in higher personal income taxes by adding a 9.75% rate starting at incomes of $60,000 (single)

Luckily for Michiganders, Democrats control only the lower state House and not the state Senate. Republicans in the state Senate don’t like the idea of any tax increases and they do control the state Senate.

If Ms. Smith wins nomination the Democratic nomination for governor next year Michiganders will be faced with a stark choice. Vote for an individual who wants to drive out even more business from Michigan, or vote for Ms. Smith’s opponent. At least you know where Ms. Smith stands on this issue.


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