Another List To Avoid

Every six months theBoard of Equalization, California’s sales and excise tax agency, publishes its list of the top 250 debtors to the BOE. The list was updated this past week with 28 new entrants.

Unlike the list of the top 250 income tax debtors, this list mainly consists of businesses; indeed, I was struck by how many automobile dealerships and related businesses are on the list. The largest new lien is against Mastermind Group, Inc. dba Bay Auto Brokers, Inc. in Richmond (in the San Francisco Bay Area). That business has a $1,241,847 lien. The largest lien is for $7,976,634 to De Won Motors Group, Inc. in Los Angeles.

The listings have caused some entities to pay their tax. All told, 23 taxpayers owing a total of $25 million have made some payments on their debt with $3.4 million collected to date. Unfortunately, that’s a drop in the bucket; the total owed on the list is a staggering $288 million.


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