Many Floridians Receive Hurricane Extension Due to Idalia

The IRS announced yesterday that victims of Hurricane Idalia have their tax filing deadlines extended until February 15, 2024.  As of this moment, most of central and northern Florida including the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, Orlando, and Jacksonville are eligible for this extension.  This is an extension for filing, not paying your tax.  But if you have a valid extension for your partnership, corporation, trust/estate, or individual return and are in this area, you have several months before you must file.  An excerpt of the IRS announcement:

The Internal Revenue Service today announced tax relief for individuals and businesses affected by Idalia in parts of Florida. These taxpayers now have until Feb. 15, 2024, to file various federal individual and business tax returns and make tax payments.

The IRS is offering relief to any area designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Currently, 46 of Florida’s 67 counties qualify. Individuals and households that reside or have a business in these counties qualify for tax relief, but any area added later to the disaster area will also qualify. The current list of eligible localities is always available on the disaster relief page on

I would expect areas in Georgia and possibly North and South Carolina to join this list.

Kudos to the IRS for quickly announcing this relief.


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