If You Used IRS Direct Pay on October 20th Check Your Bank Records

I love IRS Direct Pay.  It’s a simple method to make payments to the IRS for most (but not all) taxes individuals might have.  And it works…well, it works most of the time.

I saw on Twitter the following:

On October 20th, the IRS Direct Pay application had issues with processing payments. The issue was fixed but approximately 4,600 taxpayers were impacted and duplicate payments were made and processed.

The Treasury Financial Agent is reaching out to all financial institutions to return the duplicate payments. However, if a taxpayer calls the IRS about this issue, they should be advised to contact their financial institution and have them return the duplicate payment(s) using ACH return reason code R10 (Customer advises not authorized) or R11 (Check truncation entry return).

The issue was sent to all financial institutions via the Federal Reserve Bank Operations Bulletin.

To date, no one has contacted us about this, but we do have individuals who used Direct Pay after October 17th to pay taxes.  If you are an impacted taxpayer, follow the instructions noted above.  If you’re one of our clients who was impacted, feel free to call our office.


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