Martin Veneroso, E.A.

Clayton Financial and Tax isn’t the largest tax firm, but one thing I’ve insisted on is that all preparers be credentialed (either Enrolled Agents or CPAs).  The reason is that it shows a dedication to the profession, and a willingness to continue learning.  While it would be nice if Congress were to enact a nice, simple Tax Code, what we have today is something out of Tom Lehrer (“It’s so simple, so simple, that only a child can do it!”).

Something I mention from time to time is that if you are young and are looking for a career with (unfortunately) plenty of growth opportunities, becoming an Enrolled Agent is something to consider.  I strongly suspect that income tax returns will be around in the time of my great, great grandchildren, and as long as we have a Congress I expect tax returns to continue to get more and more complex.

Martin Veneroso is our newest employee.  He was notified in early August that he had passed the final part of the Special Enrollment Examination (the three-part test that one must pass to become an Enrolled Agent).  This past weekend he received his enrollment card in the mail (so at least one part of the IRS is able to process paperwork timely!), so Martin becomes the third E.A. on our staff.  Congratulations, Martin, and welcome to being a licensed tax professional.


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