When You Move, Do the Little Things

Something I tell my clients when they move is to do all the little things such as going to the DMV and getting a new driver’s license and re-registering your cars. Another thing that needs to be done is to register to vote in your new state (especially if you were registered in your old state).

A news story out of Salt Lake City highlights the issue. The Utah State Tax Commission is going after individuals who leave the Beehive State if they don’t ‘unregister’ to vote in Utah. (In theory, when you register to vote in your new state, the Registrar of Voters in your new state notifies your old state to remove you.) At least one individual who moved from Utah to Austin, Texas was assessed Utah tax when he was a resident of the Lone Star State. He’s fighting the assessment, and he does stand a good chance of winning. However, it’s a lot easier to not have to fight the battle so if you move, do all the little things.


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