Koskinen Wins Public Service Award; Chaffetz Gets It Right

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen was awarded the prestigious Elliot L Richardson Prize for Excellence in Public Service by the National Academy of Public Administration. According to the NAPA’s website,

Those individuals selected to receive the ELR Prize shall have demonstrated:

  • Achievement, by significantly advancing the public good;
  • Long-term dedication to public service, by serving the public interest in a public service capacity; and
  • Generosity of spirit, thoughtfulness in the pursuit of excellence in government, courage and integrity.

I have to ask the NAPA: What were you thinking? Yes, Mr. Koskinen has served for many years, and he may have generosity of spirit. But as Congressman Jason Chaffetz said, “If obstructing a congressional investigation and misleading Congress merits an award, then it seems like they have the right guy. I guess I define excellent public service differently.”

William Ruckelshaus, the former head of the EPA, also won the award. According to Government Executive, fund chair Michael C Rogers said, “[Koskinen and Ruckelshaus] are both strong role models for future generations of government leaders.”

I beg to disagree.


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