Colorado Voters to Get the Chance to Add 10% Payroll Tax for Single-Payer Health Insurance

Colorado voters will get the chance to add a 10% payroll tax next year to fund universal health insurance. The 10% payroll tax–which is on top of all other federal and state taxes–would be on employees pay. Self-employed individuals would owe 10% of their net income (presumably their Schedule C income).

Of course, one has to wonder if Colorado voters will approve a plan to tax themselves in this manner. Proponents say that, “ColoradoCare would slash administrative costs of private insurance and negotiate bulk rates for pharmaceuticals.” Really? The government will be more efficient than private industry? Let’s just say I have my doubts.

In any case, I suspect that voters will look at a 10% tax increase and say, “You must be kidding.” This will certainly drive anti-tax voters to the polls next year.

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