You Can Pay Employees in Cash, But…

…you’d better withhold payroll taxes. One Milwaukee restaurant owner is alleged to have forgotten that minor detail. He also allegedly didn’t include all of his cash receipts on his tax returns.

Paul Bouraxis operates three Milwaukee-area restaurants. Judging from his tax returns, the restaurants weren’t doing that well. The Department of Justice believes that a better way of judging is the $3.7 million in cash and silver in banks in the United States and Greece. ($1.7 million in gold, silver, and cash was seized.) Mr. Bouraxis, his wife, son, and son-in-law are all alleged to have skimmed cash from the business, filed phony tax returns (both personal and payroll taxes). A part-owner of one of the restaurants, Gus Koutromanos, also allegedly participated in the scheme.

The DOJ found that the accountant for the businesses participated in the scheme, too. Scott Sherman of Sheboygan will plead guilty to one count of filing a false tax return; he’ll likely testify (if need be) against the Bouraxis family if the case goes to trial.

The family is all facing extended stays at ClubFed if found guilty.

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