I’m Sure This Will Endear Him To The Judge

You’re about to be sentenced on 20 felony convictions. You wouldn’t just flee the country, would you? Well Alan Rodrigues tried to do just that.

Mr. Rodrigues was convicted last May on charges that he led a national scheme to defraud the IRS.

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That was from their marketing materials. The IRS investigated, and things went downhill from there. Mr. Rodrigues was found guilty of 20 felonies.

On February 25th, Mr. Rodrigues boarded a bus to San Ysidro, California–just across the border from Tijuana, Mexico. He ended up in a jail cell here in Las Vegas after the FBI discovered his trip. That he was carrying $63,000 on him at the time may have cemented law enforcement making a quick but likely accurate judgment that Mr. Rodrigues longed to leave the US rather than face sentencing. No such luck; he’ll be sentenced on Monday.

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