Another Friday: More IRS Revelations

Shock of shocks, another Friday and we get more revelations on the IRS Scandal. Of course, if one believes the IRS and the Obama Administration, Lt. Frank Drebin had it right:

Let’s get to the updates:

First, the IRS announced that five of the 82 individuals being questions on the scandal had emails that disappeared. This included Judy Kindell, a former senior adviser to Lois Lerner.

Next, we discover that Lois Lerner’s Blackberry was wiped clean after the IRS was told that the emails were wanted.

Do you know Andrew Strelka–the Andrew Strelka who used to work for the Department of Justice? If you do, Jim Jordan, Congressman from Ohio, would like to hear from you. The DOJ refuses to assist Congressman Jordan and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in finding Mr. Strelka. Congressman Jordan gave the DOJ until Friday to send a forwarding address for Mr. Strelka.

Finally, Judicial Watch reports that the IRS had a ‘Secret Research Project’ for conservative donor lists. An excerpt:

Sure enough, these latest emails are treasure trove for truth-seekers about this Nixonian scandal. Contained in the newly released IRS documents is an email from Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Margo L. Stevens that was sent in response to a question from Lerner concerning attempts to return donor lists the IRS had inappropriately obtained. In Stevens’ May 21, 2012, email to Lerner, she wrote:

Lois, I wanted to get back with you with respect to your question whether TEGE [Tax Exempt & Government Entities] could return to those organizations from whom donor names were solicited in questionnaires following their submission of applications for recognition of their tax exempt status (under 501(c)(4)), now that TEGE has reviewed those files and determined that such information was not needed across-the-board and not used in making the agency’s determination on exempt status.

For those who want to say there’s nothing to see here, Lt. Drebin and the Obama Administration thank you. The rest of us owe a debt of gratitude to Judicial Watch; their lawsuit against the IRS has done more to get to the truth then the current Congressional investigations.


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