IRS Targeting Apparently Continues

If the IRS and the Obama Administration was hoping the IRS crisis would blow over, it’s just not going to happen…and the IRS continues to ensure that’s the case. Reports have surfaced that the IRS is requiring the American Legion and other similar organizations to provide military service records for its members.

This definitely didn’t amuse Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS). He’s asked Danny Werfel, the current acting head of the IRS, to provide the authority that the IRS has for this, why it’s being done, who it’s being done to, and when this began. Senator Moran stated, “Given the American public’s increased frustration with the IRS and the failures of government bureaucracy at large, I am disappointed that such a policy targeting America’s servicemen and women would be a priority for the IRS.”

This won’t go over well with Congress (with either party).


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