IRS Scandal Update for June 16th

Quite a bit of news on the IRS scandal this week:

Eliana Johnson of National Review Online debunks the idea of “rogue agents in Cincinnati.” I never thought it was rogue agents.

If you’re a religious organization, are you allowed to proselytize? I would think so; many churches have active missionary organizations. However, at least one IRS agent thinks that’s not allowed. The Alliance Defending Freedom, a pro-life legal group, made a tape available of an IRS agent stating that they’re not allowed to promote its faith. Some individuals at the IRS appear to need a reminder of the First Amendment.

An applicant for 501(c)(3) status thinks the IRS has also been targeting applicants wanting to promote free market activities.

Former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich writes on “Why the IRS scandal is worse than the others.” It’s an excellent read.

Meanwhile, we’ll see if those truly involved–they’re in Washington, not Cincinnati–come forward during the coming week. I suspect the Obama Administration is hoping this scandal will blow over. It won’t.


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