“There Is No Income Tax” Fails Again to Win in Court

Charlie Brown, move over; we have a new “winner” for trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Randy Barker doesn’t think that tax laws are constitutional. He claimed a refund on his 2008 taxes of almost $1 million after claiming that amount was withheld from his taxes. His 2008 return showed $1.48 million of interest income and that amount of withholding. According to the Department of Justice, “Randy Barker was able to conceal the fraudulent nature of the interest income by filing documents on a separate tax database.”

The Barkers got their refund and spent the money on a house in Chico, California (their home town), and other personal items. They got to enjoy it for about three years; they were indicted last July. Last week, Mr. Barker was convicted of filing a false income tax refund claim. He’s looking at up to ten years at ClubFed, restitution, and up to a $250,000 fine. If you’re looking for a home in Chico, I suspect I know one that will be on the market soon.

Yes, Virginia, there is an income tax and you must pay it…and it is constitutional.


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