Ex-Eagle Sues Co-Defendants

It seems we’re stuck in the football motif. Freddie Mitchell played for the Philadelphia Eagles and is most remembered for this play:

Earlier this year, he found himself indicted for tax fraud along with two others, Jamie Russ-Walls and Richard Walls. The alleged scheme involved phony tax refunds; Mr. Mitchell is alleged to have recruited individuals to receive the fraudulent refunds.

Well, Mr. Mitchell doesn’t think much of his co-defendants. He filed a lawsuit against them today alleging fraud, breach of contract and infliction of emotional distress. Mr. Mitchell’s attorney, Richard F. Klineburger III, told the Philadelphia Inquirer, “In the end, Freddie’s taxes are still a mess, his friends got ripped off by these con artists and his reputation is tarnished…I truly believe that he will be vindicated in the end.”

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