Clubhouse Manager Strikes Out

Well, that headline was easy to write. From Queens, New York, comes the story of Charlie Samuels. Mr. Samuels was the clubhouse manager of the New York Mets. He also had itchy fingers: Mr. Samuels stole memorabilia from the Mets, including a complete set of 1986 World Series jerseys. He also padded his expense accounts. Finally, along the way he forgot to pay income tax on his ill-gotten gains. After being arrested last May he pleaded guilty today in a plea bargain deal to possession of stolen property and state tax fraud.

Mr. Samuels is expected to receive probation. He was also ordered to make restitution: $21,000 to the New York State Tax Department, $15,000 to the New York City Finance Department, $15,000 to the Queens District Attorney, and $24,955 to the Mets. Mr. Samuels’ attorney noted that in the end he was “only” in possession of $50,000 of stolen memorabilia, not the $2.3 million he was originally accused of having. Still, that was $50,000 too much.


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