Heaven Can’t Wait

My understanding is that we can’t take it with you: Our worldly possessions won’t be with us in the hereafter. One Florida man believes he is already a resident there, and is thus exempt from trivialities such as the income tax. The results are what you might expect.

That said, if you read the terse statement from the Department of Justice you wouldn’t know of the underlying issue. The statement does note that Russell Gentile of Melbourne is accused of:

[C]orruptly tried to obstruct and impede the IRS in performing its duties by sending a series of letters claiming that he was not a taxpayer, that he was an American National but not residing in Washington, D.C., that he was not subject to the tax laws, and by threatening individual IRS officers with lawsuits against them.

Mr. Gentile is correct that he is an American but not residing in Washington, DC. What the press release doesn’t tell you is where he thinks he resides: The Kingdom of Heaven.

Of course, I could add that Mr. Gentile’s threats are an especially good way to be sure that his case is referred to Criminal Investigations. I could also add that the idea that only citizens of Washington, DC are subject to the US income tax is as useful as a $3 bill.

Mr. Gentile is looking at another hearing in February. If he continues down the road of allegedly threatening federal officials and not paying income tax, he will likely soon be residing at ClubFed.


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